AOB – Assignment of Benefits ABUSE

Cheryl Reisman
Be aware of scams

Beware of storm chasers knocking on your doors and pressuring  homeowners to sign an “AOB form” before getting on your roof to investigate storm damage and even going as far as promising a free roof if you just sign the form before they’ll get on the roof.  BE AWARE and SMELL THE RAT!  What is an AOB form?  Assignment of Benefits – a form legalized to speed up claims by helping homeowners avoid having to pay up front money.  Unfortunately the form is being abused by unscrupulous contractors taking advantage of homeowners and our insurance companies.  Here’s a  great article written in the Orlando Sentinel.   This abuse will affect EVERY HOMEOWNER who has an homeowner’s Insurance Policy by causing our rates to skyrocket.  You can help STOP THE ABUSE – The Consumer Protection Petition  gives you the opportunity to  make a difference in asking the Florida Legislature to rein in this AOB abuse and protect consumers. Read about it HERE

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