House Repairs and Maintenance Q&A: What Every Homeowner Should Know

How to know when the roof can be repaired and when it’s time to replace it? How often should a roof be replaced?

“Almost any roof can be repaired within in the first 15 years. After that shingles become harder to repair due to the brittleness caused by the weather elements. Typically when you decide to repair or replace comes down to the cost.  If a repair cost is 20% or higher you may want to consider a roof replacement.  We’re finding the Insurance company is requiring homeowners to replace roofs in 15 year periods. I recommend replacing your roof every 18 to 20+ years and every roof should be checked by a professional every 1-3 years for any maintenance that may be required to extend the roof life.”

– Cheryl Reisman | Eustis Roofing

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