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Are you thinking of getting a new manufactured home roof for your mobile home? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. Eustis Roofing Company offers mobile home roofing services to help you repair or replace your roof before the next rainstorm. 

Like all kinds of roofs, mobile home roofs will degrade over time, especially because of the Florida weather, which brings rain throughout the summer months.

It is true that manufactured housing replacement roofs present different challenges than the average home. These roofs are generally lower sloped roofs and require an experienced roofing company to correctly engineer and install the roofing system.

Luckily, at Eustis Roofing, we have that experience and expertise needed for performing roof maintenance, repair and re-roofing on a manufactured home roof. 

When Do Manufactured Home Roofs Need Re-Roofing?

Manufactured Roofs - Eustis Roofing Company in Lake County, FL

Like all homes, mobile home roofs eventually need to be maintained, repaired and eventually replaced. Mobile homes have different roofs than traditional homes, but overall, there are 3 basic mobile home roof types and shapes:

  1. Flat Roofs
  2. Standard Trusses or Peaked or Pitched Roofs
  3. Half Trusses or Single Standard Trusses (once set up)

Mobile homes that were built before 1976 were predominantly constructed with flat roofs that were covered with metal or asphalt. Newer homes, built after this time, will have standard trusses. These roofs are pitched roof or peaked roofs. They are covered with shingles.

Flat roofs for mobile homes require more maintenance, which can be a burden. These typically need to be recoated more frequently than other roofing structures. Flat roofs that do not have a gutter also could cause more roof damage.

Pitched roofs, now, are more traditional. Most double wides are pitched roofs and have shingles. Manufactured home roofs in Florida need to comply with safety standards to ensure they are reliable in case of a hurricane.

Manufactured Home Roofs by Eustis Roofing

Are you trying to decide what’s best for re-roofing your mobile home?

As a family-owned business in operation since 1959, we know the mobile roofing industry like the back of our hands. We have years of proven experience.

Our team is ready to answer any manufactured home roofing question you have and solve any of your concerns. We’ve worked with the most popular roofing materials in the industry, so we can always promise that the work will be done to the highest of standards.

Eustis Roofing is here to help you whether you’re just beginning to look for a viable roofing option or you already made your choice. 

If you’re interested in a new roof installation for your home, Eustis Roofing offers many roofing options, including:

If you’re in need of our roofing services, give us a call today at (352) 343-4240 for a quote.

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