Eustis Roofing Company in Lake County FL proudly displays the title of “New Roof – No Mess”

Cheryl Reisman
New Roof - No Mess

Eustis Roofing Company in Lake County FL proudly displays the title of    “New Roof – No Mess”     New inventions and high tech innovation has changed the ways of how we do roofing.  We’re always looking for new and better ideas to improve.  The Equipter Roofing Buggy  took our company to a whole new level!    Take a look see!

The older style of roofing meant removing the old roof surface and taking the materials by wheelbarrow to the dump truck or dump trailer parked as close to the house as possible tying up the homeowner’s driveway. The materials were  thrown from the roof onto the ground causing debri to fall on plants and landscaping.  The debris were picked up by hand and then  wheel barrowed over to the dump truck or trailer or thrown from the roof aimed into the dump source – hoping to hit it.  This was  very messy, rough on the landscape and labor and time intensive.

Introducing the Equipter – aka Roofing Buggy – Roof replacement that spares your landscaping!  This peice of machinery changed the way we do business – not only did our employees love it but our homeowners too.  It’s a dump trailer with a motor that allows the driver to move the trailer up to the building as close as possible and then lifts the trailer container  right up to the roof line.  This allows the debri to be discarded right from the roof into the trailer itself.  No more pushing the debri over the landscape to be wheel barrowed over to the  dump source.  It’s clean, time saving and less labor intensive.  This sped up our productivity allowing our crews to be much more efficient and able to focus on the details of your roof replacement.   It provides the homeowner with  a clean jobsite during the tear off process by protecting the lawn and landscaping.   Eustis Roofing is able to offer this unparalleled protection to the property – waste is removed efficiently and safely while keeping the job area clean and tidy giving our homeowners peice of mind.


  • Eustis Roofing Co – Home of  “New Roof-No Mess”
  •  Installing a quality roof while protecting your landscaping!







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