Published on September 1, 2017 by Jason Reisman

How to Stop a Roof Leak in the Rain Before the Roofer Can Get There

Are you looking for a roofing contractor in Summerfield, FL. A roof leak can be worrisome in the middle of a rainstorm. Here’s a quick tip on how to stop a roof leak in the rain until the roofer can get there!

The first sign of a rook leak or rain leakage is usually a stain on the ceiling.

The rain leakage stain will not go away on its own. A professional should be called in to find the source of the water leak to help resolve the issue before it gets worse. And it could easily get worse, especially in the Florida summer, when it rains constantly.

Unfortunately, if you cool a roofer, they aren’t always available right away.

Here’s how to stop a roof leak in the rain:

While these temporary measures can help, the best long-term solution is to use high-quality roofing materials like CertainTeed’s SwiftStart to prevent leaks from occurring in the first place.

  1. Take a tool with a sharp point, such as an ice pick or a Philips head screwdriver.
  2. Use the tool to put a very small hole in the ceiling right in the middle of where the water stain is forming.
  3. Put a large bucket or trashcan underneath the leak to catch the water. This allows the water to drip out rather than pooling on the ceiling above and causing the damage to expand.

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