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Roofing Decatur AL

Article provided by: Express Roofing and Solar of Decatur

Are you looking for roofing in Decatur, AL, but you don’t know what aspects to consider? Good, then we, at Express Roofing & Solar, are here to enlighten you upon the various points you should think about before hiring a roofing contractor. After all, an unbeaten roofing company should provide excellent services that stand the test of time. You should consider this:

  1. Re-roofing vs. roof replacement – they aren’t the same, as much as they sound similar. When we decide to replace your roof entirely, it means we’ve assessed it to be too damaged for repairs or re-roofing. Re-roofing means we’ll add another layer of shingles on top of the old ones. Many roofing companies in Decatur, Alabama, offer re-roofing and roof replacement services, but among them, we are yet.
  2. Various types of roofs – each house matches specific roofing, with specific shingles and tiles. We will conduct an on-the-spot estimation of your roofing, analyze the damage as well as other specifics of the house. In the end, we’ll come with a personalized roof suggestion for your particular case. As the best roofers in Decatur, Alabama, we must ensure your complete satisfaction with your choice!
  3. Various types of sidings – just like with the roof, there isn’t just one type of siding. A prime Decatur, AL, roofing company would ensure that the right siding matches the roofing and the house down to the smallest details. These have to match perfectly so that the house reaches its maximum potential. Of course, we can install several types of siding – insulated siding, vinyl siding, and fiber cement siding.
  4. Residential vs. commercial roofing – residential roofing is roofing targeted at individual homes that you live in. This one is fairly easy to make and fit together because there aren’t many things to look out for, save for the chimney. However, commercial roofing is exponentially harder to create. That’s because a commercial building will have additional elements to look out for, like air vents and external piping. The best Decatur, AL, roofing services would have to take that into consideration, and we do! Our team is highly skilled in both residential and commercial roofing, and we have provided both services for a long time.
  5. Solar panel specifics – installing or repairing a solar panel isn’t a walk in the park. Among the best roofing companies in Alabama, we offer excellent solar services with exclusive benefits. We always get the job done quickly and correctly, sticking with the test-and-tried concepts provided by our team throughout the years.

We hope that we’ve been clear enough about the things you should consider before hiring a professional roofing company. At Express Solar & Roofing, we take roofing in Decatur, AL, to the next level. Through the years of proven experience, and our fast and clear job quotes, we always provide the highest quality services possible. You can contact us for a free roof inspection or project estimate at 938 200 8537!

Roofing Decatur AL

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