Published on March 13, 2023 by Jason Reisman

How to Spot the Signs of a Bad Roof Installation

Given your roof’s nonstop exposure to the elements, it takes on a lot of wear and tear over time. When the occasion arises for a new roof installation, it’s critical that your chosen contractors use only the best materials and industry-leading techniques to ensure a longer lifespan for your roof. 

Likewise, you’ll need a new roof inspection to ensure the quality of your new roof and identify any issues caused by improper installation. A bad roof installation can lead to needing repairs much sooner than expected. To avoid this unnecessary hassle, you’ll need to know how to spot the signs of poor craftsmanship.

Read on to learn about how to spot the common signs of a bad roof installation, then contact Eustis Roofing for roofing repair or replacement you can trust.


4 Signs of a Poor Roofing Job

Getting your roof replaced is quite the investment. As a home or business owner Groveland or other Areas in Lake County, you expect high-quality craftsmanship and an enhanced exterior appearance for your property. 

However, the unfortunate truth is that some contractors fail to provide the stunning new roof you’re hoping to see. Before bringing your roofing project to a close, be on the lookout for these common signs of a bad roofing job.


1.  A Sagging or Uneven Appearance

Some roof issues may be difficult to spot if you don’t have a lot of contracting experience, but a sagging or uneven appearance is something anyone can spot. In particular, if you notice that your rooflines seem to sag, it’s possible the contractor failed to address damage in your previous roof before starting the replacement. 

2.  Missing Or Mismatched Shingles

Over time, inclement weather can damage or remove shingles. This issue is extremely common and simple to fix with the help of a professional contractor. However, your roof should not be missing shingles or have mismatched shingles following your roof replacement. 

If you notice missing, damaged, or mismatched shingles following your roof installation, you most definitely received a bad roof installation.

3.  Missing Drip Edge

Drip edge refers to the metal sheeting contractors install between the underlayment and the exterior roofing material to protect the structural integrity of your home. Proper drip edge installation helps reduce the risk of water damage, mold growth, and erosion around the foundation of your home. 

Without a drip edge, your home may be more susceptible to roof leaks and basement flooding. 

4.  Reused Materials

The safety codes contractors must follow state that contractors should never reuse damaged or rusted flashing, drain outlets, or metal edgings when replacing a roof. Unprofessional contractors may attempt to reuse old materials to reduce costs, but doing so can have dangerous consequences.


Trust Eustis Roofing for Quality Craftsmanship

Getting a new roof installed is a sizable investment. Discovering that you’ve received a bad roof installation at the end of the process would be extremely disappointing. 

The best way to avoid this upsetting situation is by choosing the right roofing company for all your roofing needs. To learn more about our expert services, contact Eustis Roofing today at 352-343-4240!

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