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Why Choose Eustis Roofing?

Replacing the roof on your home shouldn’t be a complicated, messy, or expensive process.
As a family-owned roofing company and operated business since 1959, we know the challenges homeowners
face when reroofing and strive to provide the highest-quality solutions at an affordable price.
We are Central Florida’s go-to roofing company.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1959

As the best roofing company, we know the roofing business inside and out and have the years of experience to prove it. Our home roofing contractors is knowledgeable and ready to solve any roofing concern you have. Plus, we’ve worked with the most popular types of roofing material in the industry.

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Custom Roof Installations

Using our six decades of experience and expertise, we can handle even the most difficult roofing challenge. We work with preferred vendors to source only the highest-quality equipment and materials for your roof so it will outlast and outperform every time.

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Crew Talent

You won’t find another team like we have here at Eustis Roofing, we have over 100 roofers that are like family to us! They have the highest standard of service for each roof they step boot on. Our reroof and repair crews work in the hottest conditions here in the sunny State of Florida with a smile on their face. Don’t let that smile fool you though, it’s not as easy as they make it look. Their talents exceed our expectations every day!

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Clean & Safe Worksite

To keep your landscape pristine and undisturbed, we use a specialized debris-collection system that catches the old roof remains before they touch the ground. This means no damage to the vegetation around your home and no leftover nails in your yard.

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Flexible Financing Options Available

To help our homeowners find a solution to pay for their new roof, we partnered with Service Finance Company LLC for your financial needs. All loan options can be paid off early with NO pre-payment penalties, this allows you the flexibility to pay off as early as you wish! Financing is useful to pay for the roof replacement while you wait for your insurance company to reimburse you for your claims as well! *All loans are subject to credit review per the financial institution requirements, fees and interest. Dealer Fees are passed to the consumer, fees vary based on loan programs.

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Tavares Based Roofing Company Serving Central Florida

Including surrounding counties; Lake, Sumter, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole & Volusia

Your roof is important, and keeping it in great shape ensures your comfort and safety throughout the year. If you are looking for a residential or commercial roofing company look no further than the team at Eustis Roofing.

We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of roofing services, including roof repairs and replacements, roof inspections, and more.

Roofing Contractors for Residential & Commercial Roofing

As the best roofing companies in the area, we can develop a comprehensive strategy that will protect your home while adding curb appeal.

At Eustis Roofing, we have over six decades of experience as roofers in Central Florida, providing quality solutions that will truly make a difference for your home. Each project has a Crew Leader onsite and an assigned Project Manager to ensure your worksite is clean and safe throughout the project. As a family-owned roofing company and operated business, we provide versatile solutions that will cater to any budget for:

  • Residential Roofing
  • Apartment Complex Roofing
  • Commercial Roofing
  • New Construction Roofing

Top Quality Roofers Serving Central Florida

Including 8 surrounding counties; Lake, Sumter, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole & Volusia

At Eustis Roofing, we receive a number of common questions regarding roofing services. How much should a new roof cost? How often do roofs need to be replaced? Is it better to repair or replace a roof? Our team of home roofing contractors can help answer all of these.

Top-Rated Roofing Contractor with 6 Decades of Roofing Expertise

With a quality roof from Eustis Roofing in Central Florida, you can expect to have a roof that protects your home for years to come. We can work within a budget and help you determine whether a repair or replacement is ideal for your situation.

How Do I Find Local Roofers?

If you are looking for quality roofers in Lake, Sumter, Marion, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole or Volusia Counties, look no further than the team at Eustis Roofing.
Learn more today by calling our team at (352) 343-4240

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Six decades in the industry and more than 60,000 satisfied homeowners means you can trust our reputation.


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We specialize in installing Architectural-grade fiberglass shingle installation, as well as metal roofs, specialty roofs, flat roofs, and manufactured-housing roofs. Along with roof installation, we also inspect and repair leaky roofs.

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We all work together as a team to be the best roofing company in our service area to provide our homeowners with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for all their roofing needs. We value our employees, our customers, and our reputation to give the highest standards of service. We want you to see our teamwork in action to provide a view of who we are, how we operate, educate, inform, and bring value to our industry.


The Eustis Roofing 3 step Process

Inspect Your Roof

Contact us for an estimate, and we will assess your roof’s condition and create a written estimate for repair of damages, maintenance required, or a detailed and itemized quote for a roof replacement – all depending on your roof’s condition to help you decide on a course of action based on your roofing needs.

Select Roofing Materials

As the only company in the area that provides an amazing job with a reasonable cost, whether shingles, metal, flat surface, skylights, ventilation, or a specialty roof, we will inform you of the wisest course of action and help you select the best type of materials for your beautiful roof. We will give you expert advice based on years of demonstrated experience.

Install Your Roof

We send our full-time, trained roofing specialists to install your roof with quality and efficiency in mind. Our crews tackle the entire process of installation and clean up simultaneously, using the best industry equipment, so your job will be completed as quickly and neatly as possible for your roofing needs.

What Our Clients Say

Performed an Outstanding Job

I recently had a roof replaced on my home at Lake Yale Estates. I have to say the roofing crew headed up by crew boss Jose performed an outstanding job. The crew was professional and all business. The work was perfect and no mess left behind. Other than knowing the roof had been replaced (first class), you would not have known they were on site. My hat is off to Eustis Roofing and would recommend this company to anyone who needs a roof installed by the best in the industry. Good service in today’s times is hard to find, but Eustis Roofing measures up to the task. Thank you for the great service.

- Andy Miller

Our Services

Roof Inspections

During the roof inspection, we asses the current condition of your entire roof and point out any concerns we have about future problems that could occur. Our highly-trained and experienced leak detectors will find the source of any water intrusion or hail damage and provide a comprehensive plan for either repairing or replacing your roof.

Roof Repairs & Maintenance

If you notice an obvious sign of roof concern, such as buckling or curling shingles, damaged flashing, missing shingles, or spots on your ceiling, then one of our specialized inspectors will come out to examine the situation and issue a report. Our roof repair crew can handle even the most challenging roofing repair and we offer an annual maintenance plan for your convenience.

Specialty Roof Concerns

Our roofing crews excel at installing custom roofs on your home – whether your home is unusually shaped, specially sloped or you want to use particularly difficult materials. We are experienced in installing roofs that other roofers are either unwilling or unable to complete.

Roof Rejuvenation

Roof Rejuvenation process breathes new life into aging roofs by utilizing specialized sprays and products. Our top notch roof rejuvenation service at Eustis Roofing ensures an extra 5 to 15 years of life to your roof.

Roof Cleaning Service

We take pride in delivering the best roof cleaning service in Central Florida. Our dedication, expertise, state-of-the-art cleaning methods, and stain-blocking solutions make us stand out in the crowd of top roof cleaning companies.

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Shingle Roof Ventilation: Maintenance and Repair

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Dealing with Ice Dams on Shingle Roofs

Icy winters often bring the unwanted side effect of ice dams on shingle roofs. These frosty buildups can cause substantial damage if not dealt with promptly and correctly. In this section, we'll explore effective strategies for dealing with ice dams...
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Mold and Algae Prevention on Shingle Roofs

Roofs have a peculiar knack for attracting unwanted visitors. Among these uninvited guests, mold and algae are common culprits that can affect the appearance and health of any shingle roof, especially in humid climates. However, with regular care and attention,...
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