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When Buying a House – Contact a Leesburg Roofing Company

Contact a Leesburg Roofing Company When Buying a HouseWhen buying a new home, all of the excitement sets in and you become eager to dive in and make it yours. We understand that the process of buying a new home can be stressful and to-do’s can easily be overlooked. When purchasing a new house, you go through the inspection process to make sure nothing is broken or needs repairs and if it does, you work to ensure it’s properly taken care of. Your roof is a major part of your home and having it thoroughly checked by a Leesburg, FL roofing company is imperative to ensuring proper inspection is done and there won’t be any hidden issues.

We understand that when you have a home inspection done, it’s assumed that everything is properly evaluated, however, roofs are a specialty and hiring an extra set of expert eyes to ensure there will be no surprises is a must! We’ve laid out a few reasons why contacting us at Eustis Roofing when buying a new house is needed.

Home inspections

Home inspectors do a great job at evaluating your new home, from air conditioning to appliances, they’ll let you know if anything raises a red flag. When it comes to specialty assets of your home like your roof, hiring a licensed roof inspector is in your best interest. We understand that you’re already paying for a home inspection and adding another party for a roof inspection is an added fee, but we promise that it will cost less than a new roof a few months from now.

Home inspectors usually walk the roof to ensure there’s no critical damage but usually don’t dive into the nitty gritty to see what could come up in the next months.

Expert advice

For us, roofing is our specialty and we know everything about it like the back of our hand. Looking closely at the wear and tear of the roof on the home you’re buying and evaluating any issues that can’t be seen by just walking the roof is critical. Looking at details like worn down shingles, potential areas where leaking may occur, and roof foundation issues are all important and should only be done by an expert. When using a Leesburg roofing company for an inspection of your house, we always have the best interest of the roof, the buyer, and the seller in mind. We want anyone who will be in the home, potential buyers or the homeowner to be safe, and with your roof being the first line of defense, it’s imperative to keep it in the best shape possible.


We feel like Florida’s middle name is weather and every week there’s a storm that brings rain, wind, and destruction to homes. At the time of buying your new home in Leesburg, hopefully there will be sunny skies but that can be misleading due to not being able to see what will occur when it’s raining. When your house is inspected, if there are no prominent leaks at the time, then your potential new home gets a clean bill of health in that section.

Hiring a Leesburg roofing company that is licensed professional when it comes to the evaluation of your roof will always keep weather in mind. For us, as experts, we look to see where potential leakage or damage could happen or has already occurred on your roof from weather. Slow leaks and hidden loose shingles should be taken seriously and into consideration when evaluating your new home’s health. The last thing we want is for you to have a visible leak in your roof three months down the road when it could have been taken care of while in the process of buying your new home.

Buying a new house

When it comes to buying a new home, things can get costly and we understand the urge of cutting corners to save money in the immediate future, but leaving proper inspections out of the home buying process could lead you to spending a pretty penny on a new roof in the future. Hiring a roof inspector as part of your home buying team will help you and your family live comfortably in your new home. At Eustis Roofing, we’re your Leesburg roofing company and are happy and able to help with any home buying roof needs and advice.

Schedule your roof inspection today

If you’re in the process of buying a new house and need a roof inspection, call us at (325) 343-4240 today! At Eustis Roofing, we’ve proudly helped customers since 1959 and will gladly help you in the exciting home buying process.

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