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Importance Of Roof Maintenance: 4 Reasons

The average Florida roof can last up to 25 years or more, a hefty amount of time that should leave you comforted, but this lifespan is guaranteed only with routine maintenance. Your roof is the protective barrier above your head, keeping you safe from the elements, but your roof is not invulnerable to those very same elements. Similar to your car, which requires routine maintenance several thousand miles at a time, it’s important to maintain your roof every year or two. Here are four reasons that show you the importance of roof maintenance.

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Save Money on Roof Repair

There are a few things that will necessitate your roof having to be repaired. The scariest and most surprising repairs come from after severe storms or freak accidents. These damages are, of course, anxiety-inducing because they can come out of nowhere and be expensive to repair. The other form of damage is a lot less sudden but far more common. Minor damages, such as small leaks and missing shingles, occur over time. These minor damages can be spotted by roofers performing regular maintenance and can be repaired quickly and cheaply. And it is prudent that you tackle these minor damages early because, over time, they will become major ones if left alone.

Increase Roof Lifespan

The importance of roof maintenance revolves around making your roof last and therefore keeping money in your wallet. Roof maintenance takes care of minor problems that, when stacked, begin to weaken the integrity of your roof. As your roof degrades, its efficiency at beating off the elements lessens dramatically, making intense, sudden damage all the more unavoidable. Now, replacing a roof is a very expensive endeavor, but routine maintenance is not. By keeping up with the maintenance of your roof, you can count on it staying intact and durable for decades and avoid an early roof replacement.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutters are important to keeping the foundation of your home intact, especially in a rainy state like Florida. They work by carrying the water safely off your roof and onto the ground, away from the edges of your home’s foundation, but water isn’t the only thing that finds its way into your gutters. Leaves, twigs, and dirt carried by the wind can make their way into your gutters, creating dams and blocking the water from flowing freely downward. This pooled water can damage your roof and introduce leaks and damaging moisture to the upper structures of your home. Proper roof maintenance ensures that your gutters are filled with detritus and prevents any future flooding from happening. Healthy gutters lead to a healthy roof.

Animal Invaders

A popular entry point for critters tends to be the roof. Squirrels, bats, rats, and raccoons can take a small hole and make it into a big one to enter your attic and make it their home. The damaging effects of these critters are rarely considered when people think of roof damage. Roof inspectors can spot these entryways repair them accordingly, saving you the hassle of calling pest control and having to kick out your unwanted tenant or tenants.

Hopefully you have a better understanding as to the importance of roof maintenance. It can prevent massive headaches down the road and save your money in the long run. Now have a professional roofing company like Eustis Roofing inspect your roof and make a maintenance plan to keep your roof healthy and durable.


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