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5 Best Practices for Preparing Your Roof for Storms

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Storm season in Florida is one of the most challenging for homeowners. Each day brings a different challenge as forecasts look more like glorified opinions.

In most cases, your home’s roofing system will do its job and bear the brunt of the storm’s rage. However, it’s not uncommon to find roofs torn apart by the high winds and torrential rains. Thus, savvy homeowners often prepare their roofs ahead of time.

This post will cover the best tips for preparing your roof for storms. As the top roofing service in Umatilla, Eustis Roofing has years of experience helping homeowners prepare for the storm season.

  1. Install New Roof Straps or Repair Existing Systems

Metal roof straps hold your roof and ceiling together. Installed correctly, these straps make it harder for the wind to remove the roof entirely during a major storm.

Your roofing contractor will install the metal straps over your rafters or trusses.

  1. Fix and Replace Missing or Loose Shingles and Tiles

Loose shingles or tiles may come loose during storms, causing even more damage around your property as they become projectiles. With the tiles or shingles out of place, there is a higher risk of water damage during the storm,

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense during a storm. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure no weaknesses in your armor due to loose or missing shingles.

  1. Inspect Your Gutters

The gutter system on your roof is there to reliably funnel water away from your home and into the drainage system. Don’t ignore it when preparing your roof for storms. The strong winds during storms can overwhelm underperforming gutters quickly.

With the gutter blocked, water can start spilling onto the side of the home, eventually getting behind your home’s siding. The sediment and debris can also break older gutters. Therefore, you should work with a roofing expert to ensure your gutter is in the right shape heading into the storm season.

  1. Complete Any Lingering Repairs

Storms can transform minor leaks and cracks into serious problems during a storm. If you have any roofing problems you’ve ignored for a long time, now is the time to complete the repair. It’s better to pay for minor maintenance now than major renovations later.

  1. Cover Your Skylights

Skylights can get blown off your home during a severe storm. It’s a good idea to cover yours with a metal cap or plywood when preparing your roof for storm season to prevent cracks and water damage inside your home. For durable skylight options, consider Kennedy Skylights.

Get Storm Advice From an Experienced Roofing Team

The tips above will help when you’re preparing your roof for storms. Beyond these, don’t forget to trim tree branches and properly store any objects around your yard that can turn into projectiles.

Call the Eustis Roofing team in Tavares, FL, at (352) 343-4240 to learn more about storm preparation. While on the topic of the seasons and your roof, learn what kind of roofing material to use for summer.

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