Published on April 1, 2022 by Jason Reisman

What Damage Can a Leaking Roof Cause?

What damage can a leaking roof cause to a Florida building? The first thing to note is that even a minor leak in the roof has the potential to cause a significant problem. It requires immediate attention from a trustworthy roofing contractor in Leesburg to prevent water damage and the inevitable problems that will follow. 

Below, Eustis Roofing discusses seven examples of what a leaking roof can do and why quick repairs make such a difference.

#1 Ceiling Damage

The ceiling and attic are the first areas of impact in a home with a leaking roof. If the house does not have an attic, water stains on the ceiling are the most obvious sign of a problem. If you notice dark stains on the ceiling, call a professional roofer like Eustis Roofing as soon as possible to prevent additional water damage.

#2 Insulation Damage

Water is detrimental to a building’s insulation, causing it to clump and reducing its ability to regulate cool or warm air. Unfortunately, repairing faulty insulation is often an expensive and complicated process, so it is best to prevent this situation by scheduling regular roof inspections that will address leaks right away.

#3 Mold or Mildew

Organic growth like mold and mildew are almost always a problem after a water-damaged roof starts to deteriorate. These organisms can create unsightly stains, but the main issue is that they quickly diminish indoor air quality. For example, mold spores enter the air and travel through circulation systems, causing residents and employees to breathe in toxins and risk health issues.

If anyone in the building suffers from allergies or respiratory problems, mold could also cause serious complications without timely intervention.

#4 Fire Hazard

What damage can a leaking roof cause in terms of safety aspects? In some cases, leaks present serious fire hazards. For example, most homes have wiring in the attic, and water leaks do not pair well with a building’s electrical circuits. 

If water from a leaking roof lands on the wiring, it can cause sparks or a fire. It is far safer to handle roof leaks with urgent attention from a roofer and a local electrician.

#5 Sagging Drywall

Although drywall is durable, it does weaken with water exposure. A roof leak could cause the drywall inside the building to sag and fall apart. This not only impacts the structural integrity of a home but also presents opportunities for mold growth and other unwanted consequences.

#6 Structural Damage

Thanks to rot, water damage turns a sturdy home into a weakened structure surprisingly quickly. For example, a leaking roof could send water seeping into the foundation, a sure way to cause significant structural damage. Be sure to schedule an inspection as soon as you notice a leak to protect the structure and save on long-term replacement costs.

#7 High Energy Costs

A leaking roof impacts more than a home’s structure; it also affects the insulation and compromises the heating and cooling systems. To prevent such issues, consider using quality roofing materials like CertainTeed’s SwiftStart for enhanced durability and protection. If these systems have to work harder, a higher energy bill might be inevitable. Thankfully, a service like Eustis Roofing can help to protect your home with professional roof maintenance and repairs in Leesburg, Florida.

What damage can a leaking roof cause with quick, professional intervention? Thanks to competent roofing services like Eustis Roofing, there is no reason to find out. Call us at (352) 343-4240 today to find out more.

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