Published on January 1, 2022 by Jason Reisman

Five Winter Roofing Maintenance Tips

As the winter weather approaches, it’s time to prepare your home for potential ice and freezing temperatures. Your roof is no exception.

Preparing your roof for the winter reduces the risk of damage, prevents ice dams, and keeps your home comfortable during freezing temperatures. Below are the top five winter roofing tips to help you prepare your home for the upcoming temperature drop.

1. Remove Snow As Soon As Possible

One of the most important things you can do for your roof in the winter is to clear away snow as soon as you see it. Thick snow on your roof adds extra weight on top of your home. Although this won’t cause immediate damage, it can impact any weak points of your roof.

Additionally, frequent snow and ice on your roof can create an ice dam. An ice dam occurs when water from the snow melts on your roof then refreezes, blocking gutters, damaging shingles damage, and causing roof leaks.

To prevent ice dams and other roof damage, remove the snow from your roof and clean your gutters regularly. For a safer snow-removal process, call a local roofing company to help you protect your roof. Eustis Roofing is the Villages, FL, roofing company with the tools and expertise needed to restore any roof.

2. Check the Ventilation in Your Attic

One of the easiest and most important winter roofing tips to consider is the ventilation in your attic. Along with proper insulation, installing skylights can improve airflow and natural light in your attic, enhancing the overall energy efficiency of your home. Proper attic ventilation improves the integrity of your roof. A lack of insulation in your attic can make your roof more prone to damage during the winter weather.

Part of preparing your roof for the winter is ensuring that your attic has proper airflow and insulation to protect the structural integrity of your home’s roof. To confirm that air is flowing, hold a piece of paper up to your attic exhaust vent and watch for movement. Clear any insulation blocking vents, and if necessary, add more roof vents.

3. Repair Shingle Damage

The shingles on your roof protect the durability of your home. When you have loose or damaged shingles, your home is at risk of more severe issues like water damage and leaks.

When it comes to shingle repair, it’s best to let roofing professionals handle it. Eustis Roofing prioritizes safety and has the tools homeowners need to effectively repair their roofs and protect their homes during the winter.

4. Fix Damaged Flashing

Warped or loose flashing can subject your roof to water and ice damage. The flashing on your roof protects it from rain and leaks by sealing valleys and dips in your roof where water collects. Call your local roofing experts immediately if you notice cracked, broken, or leaking flashing.

Unfortunately, flashing is not the only part of your roof that is subject to damage. Check us out to learn about the types of roof damage and how to protect your home.

5. Call the Pros

One of the best winter roofing tips is to call the pros when you need a repair. Keep your roof in tip-top shape year-round by calling Eustis Roofing at (352) 343-4240.

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