Published on May 9, 2022 by Jason Reisman

Architectural Shingle vs. 3-Tab Shingles

Architectural shingles have been taking over the market from the older 3-Tab Shingle roof installations.  Architectural shingles were first introduced to the market in the 1970’s but didn’t become popular in our area until around the early 2000’s.  The Architecturals were a higher price point when they first hit the market and until around 2000-2005 they were out of the ball park for most homeowners.  As they became more popular the price gap starting changing and today Eustis Roofing rarely installs a 3-Tab shingle roof.  Architectural shingles have become more popular for many reasons.   Architectural shingles are a great look for the curb appeal of a home but more importantly they deliver in overall durability being heavier, thicker and have a 130 mph wind rating.  A  3-Tab shingle has three indivual 12″ spaced tabs  with a quarter-inch groove between each of the three spaces making a repetitve pattern that lays flat on the roof surface.  That little space or groove area can be a problem area with a 3-Tab shingle.  Dirt and tree debri can wedge up underneath and start lifting the tab edges.  This is also the area where a strong wind can easily start lifing the shingle which only has a 60 mph wind rating.  As a 3-Tab roof ages you will usually see a curling on these shingle edges also being more vulnerable to wind lifts.   The Architectural shingle has an added layer of material bonded together of varying widths that give the roof a layered dimensional appearance.  There is no space or gap area.  There is that added layer of shingle now covering that gapped space laminated together to create a solid bond being more resistent to higher wind speeds.  The Architect shingle is composed of a heavy fiberglass mat base with mineral granules tightly embedded in water-resistant refined asphalt outweighing a 3-Tab shingle by about 50%.  Architect shingles have a shadow line also giving a more pronounced color variation of light and dark giving an impressive and dramatic appearance.  An Architectural shingle leads the way in excellent performance and value enhancing curb appeal in addition to your home’s resale assessment.


          3-Tab Shingle

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3-Tab Shingle
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