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How to Determine Age of Roof: Homeowner’s Guide

Is your roof reaching the end of its lifespan? Call Eustis Roofing at 352-343-4240 for a free quote on your roof replacement.  Your roof has a limited lifespan, as do the other materials that protect your home from the elements. If you don’t know how long ago the installation took place, you may replace your […]

Written by on February 27, 2023

How to Tell if You Have a Sagging Roof: A Brief Guide

Do you suspect your roof in Central Florida is beginning to sag? Schedule an inspection with Eustis Roofing by calling 352-343-4240. Have you ever driven by an old, vacant home and noticed the roof sagging lower on one side or bowling down in the middle? A sagging roof doesn’t happen overnight, and homeowners must act […]

Written by on February 20, 2023

Storm Damaged Roof Inspection: What Does It Involve?

Protect your home by scheduling a roof inspection after a severe storm. Call Eustis Roofing at 352-343-4240 today.  Many homeowners call their local roofing companies immediately following severe weather to get repair quotes for their storm-damaged roofs. Insurance companies typically require professional estimates for claims, and homeowners want to repair their roofs as quickly as […]

Written by on February 13, 2023

Mold on Roof: How to Identify the Damage

Is mold growth on your roof causing trouble? Call the experts at Eustis Roofing at 352-343-4240 for a free quote. Mold on roof materials presents a common problem in Central Florida, where high humidity and warm temperatures create the perfect habitat. Many homeowners struggle with organic growth on their roofs, which can lead to severe […]

Written by on February 8, 2023

Can You Put a Metal Roof Over Shingles?

Are you ready to replace or cover your current roof? Call Eustis Roofing in Tavares, FL, today at (352) 343-4240 for a free quote.  At Eustis Roofing, we want to help you find the best roofing solution for your home, whether that means performing repairs, layering with new material, or replacing the system entirely. You […]

Written by on February 1, 2023

What Happens When Shingles Fall Off Your Roof?

Do you need repairs on roof damage? Call Eustis Roofing in Tavares, FL, today at (352) 343-4240 for a free quote from our professional roofers.  Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material in the U.S., though they can easily suffer damage from strong winds, hail, wear and tear, and more. Clay tile […]

Written by on January 30, 2023

How To Measure a Roof for Shingles: A Brief Guide

If you want to try installing your own shingles or tackle roof replacements, you’ll need to learn some shingle roof basics, including how to measure a roof for shingles. That way, you’ll have a correct cost estimate and won’t overbuy or run out of materials while you work. The following simple formula will let you […]

Written by on January 16, 2023

How Long Does a Shingle Roof Last? What You Need To Know

If you’re considering shingle roofing for your Florida home, “How long does a shingle roof last?” is probably one of the first questions you’ll ask. You want to know how many years of use you might expect to get from a metal, clay, or asphalt roof and how soon you may need roof replacements. Your […]

Written by on January 9, 2023

What Are Roof Shingles Made Of?

Learn more about your roof material options by calling Eustis Roofing in Leesburg, FL, at 352-343-4240.  At Eustis Roofing, we’ve been offering roofing services since 1959, and customers often ask, “What are roof shingles made of?” When most people ask this question, they mean asphalt shingles, North America’s most popular choice of roofing material.  Homes […]

Written by on January 2, 2023

What Is the Cause of a Skylight Leak?

Need help fixing your skylight? Call our experts at Eustis Roofing at (352) 343-4240! Homeowners use skylights to brighten their living rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens with natural light. Although skylights offer the benefits of a window while protecting your privacy, a skylight leak turns a gorgeous addition into a watery nightmare. Causes of skylight leaks […]

Written by on November 21, 2022