The Equipter

One of the reasons for our success is our use of the Equipter machines and our endorsement of the “New Roof-No Mess” national program. The Equipter is a self-propelled, hydraulic-lift debris-collection system. This machine can move around your house, collect debris from your roof before it reaches the ground, while at the same time, leaving no ruts on your landscaping. Our customers are really impressed with this machine. You can view it in some of the pictures of work-in-progress on our website.

The purchase of five Equipters has allowed Eustis Roofing to to enjoy secondary benefits as well. When experienced roofers see the Equipters on our jobs, and they observe how effectively they operate, how it makes it easier and quicker to complete a roofing job, they actually approach Eustis Roofing seeking employment. This allows us to pick and choose only the very best roofers as our employees. This certainly enhances our quality control, and allows us to to offer you only the very best installation in Florida.