Are you concerned about your home’s roof? Do you want to check to see if it’s in need of repair, maintenance or re-roofing? Then maybe it’s time for a roof inspection by Eustis Roofing.
At Eustis Roofing Company we offer residents of Lake County the very best roof inspections. Eustis Roofing will issue you a written report of the precise condition of your entire roof. If a problem exists or if there is a concern for a problem in the future, we will point this out to you.

We will give you a detailed report on the expected useful life of your roof. We will also carefully inspect your roof after a hurricane or heavy windstorm to notify you of any damage from flying debris or fallen limbs.
Some damage is not visible from the ground. Very slow leaks may not be visible for some time, but they can leave a trail of mildew and mold in their wake. You want to make sure that you have your roof inspected.

Roof inspections 101

When should you get your roof inspected? Knowing when you should get your roof inspected is something that every homeowner should know.
The truth is, you should inspect your roof (self-inspection) at least twice a year. It’s better to be ahead of the curve to make sure that your roof is in tip-top shape before hurricane season.

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that you check your roof every six months; as well as have a professional take a look when things seem questionable.
Checking your roof routinely will positively impact your roof, potentially increasing the lifespan.

Here are some self-inspection tips:

  1. 1. Inspect the roof from the ground to look for signs, such as a sagging roof or missing shingles.
  2. 2. Check areas for mold, moss or piles of leaves. You’d be surprised how much damage a pile of leaves can have on your roof. Make sure your gutters are clean.
  3. 3. Climb safely to the roof and look for any signs of wear and tear and damaged shingles. Check for rotted areas.

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If you feel like it’s time for a professional to take a look at your roof, then call your local roof inspectors here at Eustis Roofing.

With over 6 decades of experience, we can inspect your roof and give you a proper rundown on concerns and issues we see. With all of our experience, we have garnered some extensive knowledge of roofs and can handle anything that comes our way.

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