Published on January 1, 2021 by Jason Reisman

5 Critical Tips for Flat Roof Repair in Leesburg

Not all roofs are made equal. Shingle, metal, and flat roofs—each type of roof has its qualities, weaknesses, and required maintenance. If you are in Leesburg, smack dab in hurricane country, there are critical things to consider when engaging in flat roof repair. A flat roof, or a low slope roof, requires some special considerations that differentiate it from other roofs. Here are 5 critical tips that will help you get your flat roof repaired!

Tips To Flat Roof Repair

1. Hire a Licensed Roofing Contractor

When it comes to any roof, you should not take it on yourself to repair your roof, but when it comes to outside help you shouldn’t just hire anybody. Hire a licensed roofing contractor from Eustis Roofing to perform your flat roof repair. Repairing a flat roof can become a fairly complex affair, and on the document side of things, it can be a truly complicated roof insurance claim. An expert roofer can take care of damages like a flat roof leak or perform a flat roof coating, efficiently and knowledgeably. Every tip from here on out is an overview of what goes into repairing your roof.

2. Get a Roof Inspection

Before engaging in any repair or having someone else do so, you must get your roof inspected. You can do a self-inspection, but if there is damage you would want to get Eustis Roofing to inspect. By having a professional roofer inspect your flat or a low slope roof, you can ensure that the right damage—and its causes—are deduced. Roof inspectors can find the correct origins of a leak since where the roof is leaking doesn’t necessarily mean it’s directly above.

3. Knowing Your Flat Roof Repair Material

When it comes to your flat roof repair, you must consider the material of your roof. There are a few materials that are common in the United States—rubber, bitumen, TPO, and PVC—and each have different tools to use, and techniques that are required to repair the roof. A licensed roof specialist would know the material involved and know the right procedures to repair the damage done to a flat roof.

4. Consider Flat Roof Re-Roofing

If your flat roof is suffering from multiple leaks, bowing or buckling between joists, or the elements have deteriorated the surface; you should consider getting your home or business re-roofed. Repairs for the damages mentioned would be a bad use of resources, where re-roofing will be a more effective route.


Now that you know what it takes to be a roofing specialist, you should give a call to the go-to Leesburg roofer, Eustis Roofing. We are proud experts who provide quality work and use the best materials. Whether damages from storms or the ravages of time, we are capable of helping you with any of your roofing needs.

Some of our services include:

• Shingle Roofs
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• Metal Roofs
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• Manufactured Home Roofs
• And more


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