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Ponding Water on a Flat Roof: Causes & Fixes

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Flat roofs have various benefits that make them a great addition to any commercial or residential building. They add potential outdoor space, present a unique aesthetic appeal, and last for about 25 years. However, one of the few downsides of a flat roof can include the formation of small pools of water after heavy rain.

Ponding water on your flat roof can be one of many signs that you need a flat roof repair. If left unaddressed, the water can cause issues that affect the rest of your property. Read on to learn what ponding means and how we resolve it.

Ponding and Its Effects on Your Roof

Some pooling on a flat roof after rain does not usually require preventative measures. However, you should be concerned if that water overstays its welcome. 

Ponding occurs when water pools and remains there for at least two days after the rain passes. If it stays for too long, it could lead to water damage, affecting the roof’s structural integrity. Damage can also spread to other parts of your property.

You may start to see water damage on the ceiling or near the corners of the room where the water pools. Additionally, mold could develop in cracks near the pooling water. Act quickly when you notice damp or musty smells in rooms under waterlogged roof sections.

Reasons Water Might Pond on Your Roof

Flat roofs occasionally have water issues and require specialized systems to remove water. When the drainage system fails to work, that can cause ponding water on a flat roof. Some common problems include improperly installed drains, clogs, and pre-existing roof damage.

Poor construction can also lead to pooling water. A flat roof should have proper sloping to prevent low spots in the middle. The slight sloping assists the drainage system and helps remove water.

However, poorly constructed roofs often develop low spots where the water starts to pond. Storm damage can also cause dips and divots in a flat rooftop. Intense heat during the summer may reduce the lifespan of your roof.

How To Resolve Ponding Water

The resolution depends on what causes the ponding water on your flat roof. Regardless, fixing the problem can with specialized roofing products like those from Conklin extend the lifespan of your roof and prevent property damage. At Eustis Roofing in Central Florida, we commonly use a few roofing solutions:

  • Replacing the roof membrane
  • Adding new drain lines
  • Flushing the drainage system
  • Fixing low spots
  • Re-pitching the roof

Sometimes, several issues cause pooling water. The best way to define the cause and solution to your roofing problems is to contact a professional roofer. Pros know how to stop the current issue and prevent future situations, saving you time, money, and energy.

Top-Quality Flat Roof Repair in Florida

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