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How to Tell if You Have a Sagging Roof: A Brief Guide

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Have you ever driven by an old, vacant home and noticed the roof sagging lower on one side or bowling down in the middle? A sagging roof doesn’t happen overnight, and homeowners must act quickly if they notice the signs to prevent compromising the structure’s interior. If left unaddressed, a sagging roof could lead to a roof collapse. 

Our professional roofers at Eustis Roofing understand how to identify sagging roofs. Whether you need a structural repair or a total roof replacement, you can trust our team to take care of it.


What Are the Signs of a Sagging Roof?

While a sagging roof may not be noticeable inside the home, several exterior signs can indicate a problem. These include:

  • Exterior wall cracking: Cracking in exterior walls may indicate a shifting foundation, which can lead to a sagging roof. You may also notice uneven support beams if your foundation is shifting or sinking. To correct roof sagging caused by foundation issues, homeowners must address the foundation first to reestablish the home’s structural integrity; a new roof may not solve the problem. 
  • A bowed ridgeline: The ridge is the highest point on your roof where the pitched planes meet. This line should run parallel to the ground in a straight line, but a sagging roof may have a bow or slant in the ridgeline. 
  • A dip in the roof: Whether you have a pitched or flat roof, a dip or bowl on the surface is an obvious sign of roof sagging. 


If you notice any of these signs of a sagging roof, call your local roofer for an inspection as soon as possible. They can provide a roof inspection guide, explain the process, and make repair suggestions. 

What Causes a Roof to Sag?

A roof may sag for various reasons, including the following:

  • Wood rot caused by pest or water damage
  • Excess weight from snow or ice
  • Improper drainage, leading to standing water
  • Shifting or sinking foundation
  • Interior structural damage
  • Improperly constructed roof structure
  • Old age and lack of maintenance

Your roof probably won’t collapse immediately if you notice some sagging, but it’s important to address the issue quickly to avoid more costly repairs in the future. A sagging roof won’t correct itself, and a professional roofing contractor can help you determine a suitable solution.

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Eustis Roofing Can Help You Identify a Sagging Roof

At Eustis Roofing, we have more than 60 years of experience helping Central Florida clients deal with various types of roof damage. If you notice signs of a sagging roof at your home, let our team take a look. We can help you identify the cause of the issue and offer the repairs or roof replacement you need at an affordable price. 

Let our experienced roofers handle all of your roofing needs. Call our Eustis Roofing team today at 352-343-4240 for a free quote.

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