Published on October 3, 2022 by Jason Reisman

5 Roofing Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

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With proper maintenance, your roof can last for decades or even longer. Choosing the right roof style ensures your family can enjoy the look of your roof for generations. The roofing experts at Eustis Roofing, the leading roofing company in The Villages, FL, predict that the following roofing trends will be perennial favorites for the rest of the 21st century.

Trend #1: The Traditional Appeal of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles have long been a favorite of homeowners everywhere. Their cost-effectiveness and ease to repair or replace will make them a go-to choice for practical homeowners for years to come. Technological advances will bring more roofing choices in the coming decades, but asphalt shingles are here to stay.

Trend #2: The Energy-Efficient Durability of Metal Shingles

Many forward-thinking homeowners are switching to metal shingles. They are more resistant to storm damage than asphalt shingles and come with a treatment to resist rust. Metal shingles also make for cool roofs. They repel heat more effectively than many other roofing materials, helping keep attics cool and reducing HVAC costs.  

Metals roofs also offer standing seam designs. These cover the seams between roofing panels, preventing water from infiltrating the space between them and extending the life of the entire roof.

Metal roofs often include recycled materials, making them eco-friendly for green roofs. So, metal roofs are excellent for those looking to save money.

Trend #3: Stone-Coated Steel

Stone-Coated Steel provides the benefits of metal roofing while appearing similar to natural roofing such as tile or slate roofs. For example, Decra’s Villa Tile offers an excellent combination of the durability of metal and the classic look of tile.

Trend #4: The Architectural Simplicity of Flat Roofs

While flat roofs are more common on commercial buildings and stores than residential properties, many modern homes use flat roofs to achieve a simple, stylized look for their homes. Flat roofs can make installing skylights and other accessories easier, offering more usable space.

Trend #5: Innovations in Color, Texture, and Style

Many homes achieve a timeless quality not by following the modern roofing trends but by starting a trend or creating a unique aesthetic vision. Metal, tile, slate, and other materials come in many colors, with patterns that can reflect the overall home design concept.

In the years ahead, materials and three-dimensional printing technology will allow homeowners to customize their roofing. The best way to get ahead of that trend is to use roofing materials that help you leave a personal mark on your roof design.

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