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Most Popular Styles of Roofs You Should Consider

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Replacing your roof is a substantial investment in your home’s appearance and structural integrity. Your choice of roof style will keep your home stylish and attractive. 

Whether you want to boost your home’s resale value or have a home you can proudly leave to your family, you can trust the roofing services in Umatilla by Eustis Roofing for help with many different roof types. Take a look at these common styles of roofs and decide which is right for you.

Gabled Roofs

Gabled roofs, among the most popular styles of roofs, have a traditional appeal and are a prominent feature of many historic homes. The “gable” is the house’s flat, generally triangular face formed when the two sides of the roof come together.

The pitched sides of the roof allow snow and rainwater to run off to the sides rather than piling atop the house. If a house has multiple gables with valleys between them, the roofer should design the roof to ensure water runoff does not pool in the valleys and cause leaks. 

Gambrel Roofs

A gambrel roof, or barn roof, is a steep-sided roof. Unlike gabled roofs, gambrel roofs do not slope down at a consistent pitch from the center line to the roof edge. The roof is shallow in the middle and drops off more steeply at the edge. The purpose of the gambrel roof design is to increase the square footage available for a finished attic or additional rooms. 

Hipped Roofs

A hipped roof is similar to a gabled roof except that the roof slopes down on all four sides (without any gables). Due to its lack of gables, the roof has better wind resistance than gabled roofs. The sloped sides of the gable and hipped styles of roofs allow snow to run off. 

Mansard Roofs

Mansard roofs often have upper-story windows sticking out of the steep parts, and you can choose aesthetically pleasing options like Victorian Shingles from Berridge for a unique appearance.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are usually a more popular choice for commercial buildings and storefronts than homes, but many homeowners have come to appreciate them. Flat roofs convey a modern design or artistic sensibility.

Unfortunately, flat roofs are also more prone to leakage than the styles of roofs that feature sloping sides since water pools on them. They are more suitable for dry climates.

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