Are you thinking of purchasing a new roof for your home? Here at Eustis Roofing, we offer a wide selection of roofing options. From flat roofs to metal roofs, from architectural shingle roofing to mobile maintenance and repair, we have a variety of service options for the avid homeowner. One of our many options are specialty roofs—it’s something that we specialize in.
We are experienced in installing roofs that other roofers are either unwilling to or unable to complete. In the case of specialty roofs made of metal, we have our own in-house engineering methods, making the process that much easier.
We specialize in the area of unusually shaped, special slopes and unusual materials. Roofs can act as a highway billboard for advertising, or represent a historical period of time.
Eustis Roofing Company uses both Berridge Victorian and Classic Shingles as well as DECRA Villa Tile metal roofing products for those clients preferring or needing a specialized look.

Berridge Victorian and Classic

Berridge Victorian and Classic metal roofing shingles are a traditional design. They are great for restoration, residential or even commercial homes. Victorian and Classic metal shingles are not only good for roofs; they may also be used for walls, too.

Their products and color palettes can be found here.

DECRA Villa Tile

DECRA Villa Tile combines beauty and elegance with high-performance steel for architectural detail. Lightweight and durable, Villa Tile needs little to no maintenance.

Their products and color palettes can be found here.

What are specialty roofs?

“Specialty roofs” is generally the term that’s used for non-traditional roofing structure. These would include unique materials for roofing, such as natural materials and non-natural materials. Natural materials, like slate. And non-natural materials, like metal or synthetic tiles. Basically, it’s anything that can be classified as “unconventional” that makes this sort of roofing special.


In this video, you can see us utilizing our skills with specialty materials.


Have an unconventional need for specialty roofing? We can help you here at Eustis Roofing.

With over 60 years of experience, Eustis Roofing can handle anything that comes our way. We can solve any roofing challenge. We work with preferred vendors to source the highest-quality materials for your roof so it will outlast and outperform every time.

We invest in our employees by working exclusively with five full-time crews that have ten to twenty years of experience installing roofs in Florida. No subcontracting means we can ensure our high standards of service are met with each roof.

To keep your landscape pristine and undisturbed, we use a specialized debris-collection system that catches the old roof remains before they touch the ground. This means no damage to the vegetation around your home and no leftover nails in your yard.

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