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What Is the Cause of a Skylight Leak?

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Homeowners use skylights to brighten their living rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens with natural light. Although skylights offer the benefits of a window while protecting your privacy, a skylight leak turns a gorgeous addition into a watery nightmare. Causes of skylight leaks range from seal issues to roofing problems, including everything from water stains to mold and mildew.

Below are the top causes of skylight leaks and how to address them.

1. Poor Installation

Like any home addition, improper installation often leaves gaps and loose spaces between anti-moisture seals. Most homeowners install their skylights during dry weather, only discovering installation problems when it rains and the moisture finds its way inside. If you recently added a skylight in your ceiling and noticed water leaks, poor installation may be the culprit.

2. Flashing Problems

Skylight installation includes a layer of flashing, a plastic or sheet metal material used to connect the skylight frame to your roof and provide weather resistance. Over time, flashing may break down, become brittle, or crack. Replacing old or damaged flashing can stop a leaky skylight and prevent further water damage from affecting your roofing system.

3. Failing Seals

All windows and doors in your exterior walls have weather seals that protect against the elements. Over the years, weather seals peel and break, leaving gaps that allow water to trickle in. If you need new weather seals, your favorite local roofers can quickly and easily replace them.

Skylights often have other sealing methods, such as a layer of roofing cement around the edges. The cement sometimes develops tiny holes or cracks that allow moisture to collect around the interior edges of your skylight. Fortunately, these damaged areas repair easily with a winterized plastic sealant.

4. Condensation Collection

Skylights often collect condensation due to their unique placement, positioning them between the controlled climate inside your home and the natural temperature outside. Many skylight manufacturers plan for this side effect by designing the frames with weep holes to allow condensation to run off safely.

If these weep holes don’t work, you’ll notice a skylight leak. You can use silicone caulk to keep condensation out, but you should investigate further to discover the cause of your condensation collection.

5. Poor Insulation

Some skylights leak because the frame lacks proper insulation. If you’ve exhausted other potential causes and still notice condensation or leaks, check the drywall around your skylight to ensure the insulation was installed correctly. A roofing contractor can perform this inspection for you and fill in any empty spaces with waterproof expanding foam.

Prevent Skylight Leaks with Professional Skylight Installation in Tavares, FL

Skylight leaks bring humid or rainy weather inside your house, contributing to potential mold problems and making your home uncomfortable. With professional skylight installation by Eustis Roofing, using quality products like Kennedy Skylights, you can enjoy a well-insulated, properly sealed skylight that allows you to enjoy natural light without the risk of leaks. You can enjoy a well-insulated, properly sealed skylight that allows you to enjoy natural light without the risk of leaks. Call (352) 343-4240 to learn more about professional skylight installation in Tavares, FL.

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