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Flat Roof Repair: 5 Signs to Call a Pro

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If you have a flat roof on your residential or commercial property, you might think it’s easier to repair than a slanted roof. After all, it’s a flat surface that you can walk or sit on without fear of falling off. Unfortunately, it also means you can’t see the roof from ground level, meaning it’s difficult to tell when it’s time to call a roof repair company.

At Eustis Roofing, your quality flat roofing contractors in Leesburg, FL, we recommend having a professional perform a maintenance check twice a year to catch roof problems in their early stages.

5 Signs It’s Time to Call for Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs are not completely flat. The near zero-degree slope means rainwater, melted snow, and other precipitation and debris take longer to run off than on a slanted roof. If something stops this water movement, the stagnant dirty water sits on the surface, concaving the area, rotting the structure, and contributing to dangerous mold and mildew growth.

Let’s explore five of the most common reasons for roof degradation and leaks. 

1. Compromised Water Outlets

Pooling water primarily occurs due to debris on your rooftop. From birds’ nests to leaves and fallen limbs from overhanging trees, many things can keep water from draining into your gutters and away from your roof.

Other objects like forgotten tools and equipment, thrown balls and frisbees, and more also block the opening or enter into the downspout. If this occurs, these large or heavy materials push against the walls of the downspout’s interior, causing cracks and holes. Protect your roof by calling a professional to check if blocked outlets are the reason for pooling water and drips.

2. Incorrect or Altered Pitch

The pitch of a roof is its steepness. If the roof only rises an inch or two per foot, it has a low slope. However, no roof should be completely flat with no slope because then water could not flow off the roof.

If a construction error leaves you with a horizontal flat roof, water will pool on your roof, causing water damage that requires immediate flat roof repair to save the structure. You may also notice concaved areas on your roof’s surface where water pools as the years progress. A settling house or building or foot traffic may wear away the surface, altering the once-functional pitch.

A professional may remove the roof covering and add rigid foam insulation for an increased slope or replace the sheathing and membrane for a smoother surface. 

3. Poor Membrane Installation

Roof membranes fit under the tiles or shingles to create a waterproof layer that protects your home’s interior and house’s wooden structure. Professional roofers apply these thin sheets of synthetic rubber, PVC, or modified bitumen with mechanical fasteners or adhesive.

However, a poor membrane installation that doesn’t cling thoroughly to your roof produces air bubbles or blisters from trapped water or air that seeps below. These blisters only worsen with heavy rainstorms and high winds that lift the sheet further. While you may want to nail down those areas, call an expert to replace the membrane before water damages your structure and contributes to internal algae growth. 

4. Sun-Damaged Membrane

Even if a professional roofer installed your membrane correctly with the right tools and materials, it’s not uncommon to see it develop a leathery appearance over time. Especially during Florida summers, when the temperatures rise above 90 degrees and the sun is out for 14 hours each day, expect the heat and UV rays to burn the roof membrane.

A shrinking, scrunched-up, or wrinkled membrane won’t protect your flat roof. Not only will this lead to water and air pockets, but the shrinking leaves parts of your roof exposed to the elements. You’ll need flat roof repair to replace sections or the entirety of your roof membrane. 

5. Shifted Material and Ruptures 

Flat roof repairs are necessary as your material ages, weakens, or shifts. Falling debris can create cracks and holes in the roof, or high winds can lead to missing shingles or weak roof spots.

If you notice roof materials on your front lawn, hotter upper floors during the summer, and a cooler attic during the winter, it’s time for roof repair. You might also smell fungal growth from your rotting wooden structure and notice leaks from your ceiling.

While some isolated roof damage may require minor repairs, severe structural damage from untreated flat roof issues can require roof replacement, so call a roofer for an inspection as soon as you notice issues.

Why Hire a Professional for Flat Roof Repair

While you should keep an eye on your flat roof’s condition, especially after hurricanes and other storms between maintenance checks, don’t attempt to fix anything on your own. Professionals use high-quality roofing products like those from Conklin, guaranteeing safety, efficiency, and warranties on all work done. The main benefit of professional roof repair is safety. Climbing on your roof without safety equipment is dangerous, especially if you have pools of water creating a slippery surface.

It’s safer for a professional with years of experience to climb your roof and conduct repairs. They’ll also know how to identify hard-to-spot roof problems and deal with them accordingly.

With the appropriate certifications, licenses, insurance, and a truck full of industry-standard tools, your contractors guarantee safety, efficiency, and warranties on all work done. To avoid this time-consuming project, trust a professional to take the stress off you during any season.  

Leesburg’s Go-To Roofing Specialists 

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