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Roof Hail Damage: Tips for Homeowners

There are many benefits of hiring a roofing company in Clermont, Florida. Sometimes it happens, usually when you least expect it. Hail can strike at any time. Roof hail damage a concern? Here are tips for homeowners.

Roof Hail Damage: Tips for Homeowners

Pull out your smartphone and start recording the hail storm as it is happening.

Take several pictures of the hail on the ground, roof, all areas around the home. Taking pictures and recording from your smartphone should record the time and date of the storm.

Take a few pieces of the hail and put it in your freezer.  If you should not be at home to witness the hail be sure to document the date of the storm.  This is pertinent for a possible Insurance claim.

What is the impact of hail on a shingle roof? 

It takes a lot of force to knock the surface granules loose on a shingle. As small as a Pea sized (1/4 of an inch) piece or hail can compromise the integrity of your shingle roof. It is not always immediately noticeable, either.

Hail impact may cause inert damage that, over time, may result in premature aging of the shingles. Using high-quality shingles like CertainTeed’s SwiftStart can help mitigate such damage and extend the life of your roof. It could be months or even years before it is apparent how much hail has prematurely aged your shingles. Keep a file of your time-stamped pictures/video in a safe place!

It takes a trained eye to spot hail damage, however, over time, it may be more apparent to an untrained eye. Usually, indentations and/or fractures can be seen on the shingle’s surface. Hailstones vary in shape, size, and hardness and can create a random pattern of depressions. If this is not easily evident, look for telltale signs of dents on your metal flashings, metal roof vents, chimney cap, and your house siding. Look for granules in your gutters and/or coming out of your downspouts.

PLEASE NOTE: Inspecting a roof can be dangerous and we advise to ALWAYS PRACTICE SAFETY FIRST.

Do not get on your roof unless you have proper safety gear and relevant construction or roofing experience. It is our expert advice to contact the proven professionals at Eustis Roofing Company who are licensed and insured with the experience to inspect your roof for possible damage.

What to look for?

  • Shingle granule loss at the points of impact which may be accompanied with surface depressions in the shingle. Granule loss it not just cosmetic. The granules are embedded into the shingle to protect the fiberglass mat underneath.
  • Exposed or fractured fiberglass mat which may or may not be immediately visible. Granule clusters may come off even more over time exposing the asphalt and possible damage to the shingle’s fiberglass mat. This is where hail has shattered the granule-asphalt surface causing it to break away from the fiberglass mat. Hidden damage to the mat may develop later into cracks and tears as the shingles age. Having a damaged or exposed fiberglass mat will oftentimes lead to a leak problem.
  • Cracks may be apparent in the shingle granule-asphalt surfacing which may radiate out from points of impact. This is usually especially apparent if high winds blew the shingles back. This kind of wind damage can usually also loosen the self-seal strip of the shingle which may weaken the seal integrity creating the possibility of future shingle blow-off.

Think you may have roof hail damage?

Call Eustis Roofing Co before you contact your insurance company.

Be aware of door to door solicitors who track storm reports and flock into hail reported areas targeting uninformed homeowners. Do not sign an AOB (Assignment of Benefits) form without doing your research on what you’re signing.

If have questions about roof hail damage, give Eustis Roofing a call today at (352) 343-4240.

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