Published on August 8, 2022 by Jason Reisman

What Voids a Roof Warranty?

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Most homeowners pay attention to the warranty when buying a new roof or getting a replacement because it can come in handy in the event of unexpected damage. 

The workmanship warranty comes from the roofing contractor, while the manufacturer warranty covers the roof material. The manufacturer warranty, which is the focus here, is available for every type of roof.

As a reliable roofing service in The Villages, FL, Eustis Roofing knows what voids a roof warranty. Here are some examples:

Improper Installation

Roofing manufacturers expect your roofing contractor to follow strict guidelines when installing their roofing materials. If your roofer doesn’t adhere to the recommended standards, such as those set by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), you may find your warranty void when you need it.

Poor Roof Ventilation

Proper ventilation ensures adequate airflow through your roof system.

Inadequate ventilation will cause shingles to become brittle due to overheating. The high humidity in the attic will also encourage mold growth.

The manufacturer warranty will not cover roof damage due to poor ventilation.

Use of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is a cost-effective choice of home insulation. The chemical expands and hardens into a highly dense blanket covering every part of the roof, including the roof vent.

The lack of ventilation makes the roof hot, leading to the poor ventilation problems mentioned above.

Pressure Washing Your Roof

Roofs accumulate grime, moss, algae, and debris over time. Ignored, these can combine to damage your roof. Most people jump straight to pressure washing as a way to clean the roof because it delivers fast results. However, pressure washing is one of the top examples of what voids a roof warranty.

Your shingle granules can’t withstand the force of the pressure washing process. Pressure washing will strip your roof of the protection it needs to withstand UV rays.

Installing New Shingles Over Old One

Some roofing contractors install new roofs over old ones to avoid the tear-off process and speed up new roof installation.

However, installing a new layer of roof shingles over the old one voids your warranty. It can also cause more problems later because the additional weight may be too much for your home’s structure.

Roof Additions

The roof seems like the logical spot for your satellite dishes and TV antennas. However, the holes from the installation process can cause roof leaks. Roof damage due to water infiltration from these holes will void your warranty.

Similarly, you need to exercise caution when installing solar panels and skylights. It’s best to have a qualified roofing contractor on the ground during installation to ensure proper installation.

Get Expert Help for Your Roofing Needs

Now you know what voids a roof warranty. It’s in your best interest to always seek advice from a qualified roofing company to keep your warranty and roof intact.

This is especially true in Florida, where you must adhere to building codes when making changes to your roof. Learn more about Florida’s 25% replacement rule in the building code or call the Eustis Roofing team in Tavares, FL, at (352) 343-4240.

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